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More wetlands in southern NSW
Phase One XF 150MP, 80mm Schneider Krueznach, f3.2 @ 1/2000 second, ISO 125

Most of us take a computer with us when we travel. Not always, of course. Walking and camping treks might mean we don’t have the opportunity to wrangle our files while on location, but if we’re working out of a vehicle, vessel or hotel room, a laptop is usually somewhere nearby. How do you store your files?

Everyone is different, but I find I’m capturing imagery with a range of devices – my Phase One medium format, my Fujifilm system for wildlife, my DJI Pocket for location video and my DJI Mavic Pro 2 for drones. And there are the photos and videos taken on my iPhone – where do you save them all?

My solution is to create a folder on my laptop for the trip or travel location. If I’m in Antarctica and South Georgia for two voyages, then that will be a separate folder for each. If I’m down the south coast of NSW for a weekend, that’s another folder. And I name the folder something like: 230115-Antarctica or 230428-Bermagui.

Into this folder I place everything to do with the trip. In Lightroom, I make a new catalogue and store it in this folder. In Capture One, I store the session and all the raw files. And I manually transfer all the other files in as well.

Inside this folder, I currently have a sub-folder called ‘Capture’ and into this are a series of sub-folders which contain my raw files. I have a folder for each day, or sometimes two or three folders a day if I have visited multiple locations. The only rule is that all the raw files end up in a folder that sits inside the Capture folder, which In turn is inside the trip folder (I hope that makes sense).

Capture One actually creates this folder structure for you when you create a new session and one of the other folders it includes is Output. When doing preliminary edits on the trip, I use this folder to hold all my working files.

I’m sure there are many variations on this theme, but what I like is having that one folder with everything else inside. Then when I return home, it is a simple matter to copy the whole folder across to my studio computer and archive system, knowing I have everything in hand.