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Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary Lake Frome, Lake Eyre + The Painted Hills
April 21st to 29th 2023

If you are ready for a photographic retreat of a lifetime hosted by Robin + Timothy Moon, and Peter Eastway and would like to know more about where we are going and what to expect, then join us for an information evening over Zoom next Monday 30th January @ 7.30pm

To register for the event click here

For full workshop notes click here

Tim tells me you need to register with Zoom ahead of time these days, and he has a limit of 100 seats on his account. While I don't expect we will run out of places, best to register sooner rather than later if you're interested.

Our plan is to wing it! Show some photos from previous trips and answer questions - so if nothing else, it should be an entertaining Monday evening!!