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Ship's bow, Aurora Expedition's Greg Mortimer, Svalbard.
Phase One XT 150MP, XT - Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4.0/32mm, f8 @ 1/250 second, ISO 50

How many times have you travelled and not taken a single photo of your chariot (or car, ship, train, plane etc)?

We photograph a light aircraft on the tarmac either before or after a flight because most of us don't do these flights every day, but what about your rental car or the bus? Or the train at the station, the ship at dock?

These photographs might never be artistic masterpieces, but they can add to a travelogue or documentary style project. If you're doing a road trip, then a photo of the group standing around the car can be a great finishing photo. On a voyage to one of the Poles, almost everyone photographs the ship from the zodiac when they're out on the water, but what about a few photos of the zodiac as well?

And for a longer trip, including your 'chariot' at a number of different locations or in different weather conditions can be a recurring motif throughout a project (think book or slide show).