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An invitation from Robin Moon + Peter Eastway...

In 2022, Peter travelled with us to this unique and captivating part of central Australia. He was so taken by the landscape (and our company) that he is returning to co-host our tour this year, and offer his insights into the capture and editing process for our participants.

My first trip to the area was in November 2020, and due to a Covid lockdown we spent time, and became friends with our hosts Doug Sprigg and Vicki. Doug's father was instrumental in establishing the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, and it is a passion that Doug now shares.

As we were guided through the canyons, and geological time zones, and then flown over the same formations, local landscapes and features, the exquisite beauty on show was plain to see.

But it's not only Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary we explore....

Flights over Munda - Lake Frome, overnighting in iconic William Creek viewing the beauty of the salt patterns of Kati Thanda - Lake Eyre, and leisurely wandering through the abstract forms of The Painted Hills in the early morning light

The trip is limited to 9 participants, and held over 9 days, so there is ample time to talk photography, share camera craft, and explore these captivating landscapes.

For detailed trip notes, use the following link : Arkaroola 2023

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