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Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken are regular contributors to Better Photography magazine. They also lead photo tours around New Zealand and the globe generally, so they get to meet quite a few enthusiastic photographers. And photographers when offered a book of photos are quite likely to say yes - it seems we all love the idea of a book!

So Mike and Jackie have a reason for publishing books, but it's also in their blood. They love photos on paper. Currently they have three small format, soft-cover books available - and I mention them to perhaps provide you with some ideas for your own book. And while Mike and Jackie print 500 (or more) copies at a time, you can print a single book with Momento or a similar on-demand printer, so it need not be expensive.

First Light - Chatham Island is a Covid project. A part of New Zealand, it was a destination they could visit as NZ residents and the result was a book - and they are also taking photo tours there as well. It's a remarkable and desolate looking destination, one I'm filing away for the future as well (with Mike and Jackie, of course!)

Scenes from the Lounge might sound like a series of television stills, but Mike and Jackie lived on a hill looking over Queenstown and the photos from their lounge are nothing short of magical. It's a great project.

And recently, they moved from Queenstown to Twizel. Although not that far away from Queenstown, the Twizel landscape was sufficiently different for the intrepid duo to produce a third book, Southern Manscapes.

The 'suggestion' is to think about doing something with your photos, beyond storage on your computer and viewing in Lightroom. I have no doubt you'll love the results! And if you want to look at Mike and Jackie's books more closely, here's the link: