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You’ve heard of Mungo and Menindee, but have you been there? Neither have we! So why not join Ignacio Palacios and me on a workshop of discovery and learn how finding and capturing photos really happens…

On many workshops, the locations are decided ahead of time: you just turn up when you’re told and take your photos. However, how did the instructors work out where to shoot? What are they looking for? And what happens when you venture out on your own searching for photos – what skill sets are you missing?

This is why I'm suggesting you join Ignacio and me on a workshop of ‘discovery’.

We know the locations are good. We know how to take great photos. We’ve organised the accommodation and a light plane. All you will need to organise is your own 4WD vehicle to get to the locations (we can help you team up with other participants) and pay for your own food and drinks (travel and food are not included in the price, so you can order champagne and lobster at the Mungo Hilton if you want to).

So, where did the photos above come from? iStock and they cost Ignacio a fortune. That’s why we’re keen to go so next time we can use our own photos!

Interested? Check out the itinerary on the website come along!

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