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St Barnabas Church of England, Narrawa, NSW
Phase One A-Series, IQ4 150MP, 23mm Alpagon lens, f11 @ 1/100 second, ISO 50.

Do you put your camera away in bad weather? If it's raining? Or the light is poor? One of the things I love about travelling is that you're out in the elements no matter what you 'think' the light is going to be like - and sometimes you get lucky.

I was very lucky a couple of weeks ago. I was in Canberra with the family, enjoying the NGA and the National Portrait Gallery. I'd love them to open a National Landscape Gallery one day! Anyway, I had an extra night as a free agent and thought a road trip up to Bathurst and maybe Hill End was in order.

As I drove out of the NGA car park, there was a huge storm approaching and within half an hour, I found myself pulling off the road because the rain was simply so heavy, it was difficult to see more than a few metres ahead. And I wasn't the only car sheltering from the elements. The good news is that the car didn't leak and I arrived in Boorowa just in time for a cuppa tea. The country towns around NSW are really wonderful these days, with no shortage of great places to grab a snack and take a break.

Then it was back out on the roads, weaving my way up to Bathurst with the storm front following me. The light changed many times and I ended up with a portfolio of 18 shots which I'm proud to report are already in a book and at Moment Pro being printed. Normally, they'd sit on my hard drive for a couple of years, but in these COVID days with more time at home, I have managed to be slightly productive!

The photo above is of an old church at Narrawa - while I can see the building on Google Maps, I struggled to remember what it was called and it probably took me as much time to find its name as it did to drive there! I was smarter with the other churches I photographed, using my iPhone as a diary and notepad.

I wasn't expecting much in the mid-afternoon, but that storm created the most wonderful cloud background - just one image from my bad weather road trip. I'll show a few more photos and come clean about my aborted trip to Hill End, but you'll have to wait until next week I think!

In the meantime, it's not too late to order a copy of my existing book The New Tradition - and use the coupon code below to get a $30 discount. As my mother-in-law says, it's the best book I've ever written and it would make a great Christmas present for yourself!

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