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Water Boat, Half Moon Island, Antarctica. Find Wally!
Phase One XF 150MP, 55mm Schneider, f8 @ 1/160 second, ISO 50

I'm home! You may have read about the travails of the Greg Mortimer and her passengers returning from Antarctica to Uruguay, then to Melbourne by charter flight for a further two weeks isolation - and finally home! And it's great to be home because friends ring you up and give you a hard time - in the best Australian tradition!

In fact, Gary rang me while I was in Melbourne to say he'd checked out my recent Antarctica 2020 portfolio on my personal website ( He was very complimentary. He also suggested the weather I had was superior to the weather we had experienced a year or so previously when we traveled there together - and I had to agree with him. I think the weather on these two voyages was superb.

And then he asked me why I had left my camera bag in one of the photos.

Now, I imagine as you're reading this, one of two things has happened. Like Gary, you're nodding your head and thinking what an idiot Eastway is for leaving his camera bag in the photo. Or like me, you had to have another look at the photo above to see if there is a camera bag there.

Well, to my embarrassment, there is!

It is so obvious on the one hand and so beautifully camouflaged on the other. I have lovingly processed this photo, removed a couple of passengers in the background, and even dropped it into an InDesign document for the book I plan to print on Antarctica - called Late Season

That's what I love about being home! Lots of calls and contacts from friends and family. And over the past month or so, many people have reached out to say hello. Thank you! It has meant a lot to me. And thank you Gary. The cost of the art book I plan to print is not inexpensive, so you have saved me a costly reprint! Even if you did seem to enjoy pointing it out just a bit too much. But that's what I love about being home!

If you're interested in listening to a podcast on my voyage down south, check out the Light Minded podcasts - There's lots of good listening for our days of isolation.

Now, be honest. Did you see the camera bag when you first looked at the photo?

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