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If you're a photographer, chances are you love a good camera. You've either recently bought one or you're planning to buy another, so what will it be?

Regular Better Photography contributor Nick Melidonis has years of experience as a successful professional photographer and in the current issue, he has some sage advice.

"Currently, you can buy amazing Phase One 150-megapixel cameras producing massive files and resolution. Do you need one? How big are you ever going to print? Are there other issues besides megapixels to consider in quality? Sensor sizes in many cameras seem to have maxed out around 24-megapixels and believe me, that’s plenty of megapixels for most of us. Let me explain why I think this because the megapixel myth has been around for a while."

Nick then explains the myth before discussing how megapixels relate to printing.

"When working out how big your sensor should be, a few more megapixels might not make a lot of difference. For example, with a 16-megapixel camera, you can already print photos with high quality (that is, at 300 pixels per inch or ppi) with a size up to 39x29 cm. A 20-megapixel camera has four more megapixels or 25% more pixels, but these additional pixels are spread along the width and the height, so at 300 ppi you could print up to 43x32 cm. The difference is not really that much more.

"If you’re trying to convince your loving spouse you really need that new camera body because of more megapixels, you may need to review your argument."

Fortunately, there are some arguments! You can read more about Nick's thoughts on buying new cameras and lenses by subscribing to Better Photography magazine online. You'll find details on the website.

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