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Personal Workshops One-on-One


One-On-One Workshops


One-On-One workshops with Peter Eastway can be held anywhere in Australia, or from Peter's office in Collaroy, Sydney. The advantage of the office is that he has a printer on site (if this is of interest), and the location is close to beaches and headlands for practical instruction. On the other hand, you may wish Peter to visit you, or travel with you to a location for two or more days.

One-On-One workshops can cover any area of photography you're interest in, and of course, any area in which Peter has some expertise! He can assist with:


  • Camera Skills
  • Post-Production
  • Printing
  • Business Planning
  • Portfolio Review

One-On-One Hourly workshops can be tailored to your requirements:


                Duration:             2 hours / 3 hours / 4 hours

                Location:             Collaroy office only

                Price:                    $695  / $895 /  $995

                Number:              Up to two participants can be accommodated at this price.


One-On-One One Day workshops can be tailored to your requirements, but typically are as follows:


                Duration:             Sunrise until around 11 am and includes breakfast (6 hours)

                                                10 am to 4 pm and includes a light lunch

                                                2 pm to around sunset and includes afternoon tea (6 hours)

                Location:             Collaroy or within metropolitan Sydney

                Price:                    $1495 (additional hours @ $240)

                Number:              Up to two participants can be accommodated at this price.


One-On-One Travel Workshop can also be tailored where the costs are borne by you:


                Duration:             Full day, including up to 8 hours of instruction

                Location:             Anywhere in the world…

                Price:                    $1995 per workshop day; $ 995 per travel day

                                                Plus all air, local travel, hotel accommodation and food at cost.

                Number:              Up to three participants.


Please contact Kim Valenti for dates and prices - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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