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Book Publishing Checklist

Step 1 – Collect & Edit Your Images

Use Bridge or Lightroom, etc

Edit out poor quality – be tough!

Look for series of images that tell a story

  • Overview
  • Full frame
  • Close-up

Delete duplicates, unless a series

Step 2 – Quick Page Count

Get a feeling for how large your book will be by counting up the photos

Add pages for cover, contents, end

Consider how many photos will be DPS

Consider how many pages will have two, three or more photos

Should you edit more tightly or loosely?

Less is more!

Step 3 – Sort & Storyboard

Look for natural themes – time, location, subject

  • e.g. a travel book might be in date order
  • a book of animals might be grouped by animals

Determine the rough order of photos, group by group and within group

Step 4 – Produce a pagination

A grid of boxes, each box representing a page

Don’t forget covers – FC, IFC, IBC and OBC

Check if pages have to be in multiples of 2, 4, 8 or 12 (usually two for photo books)

Step 5 – Edit, spot and size photos

Open each image in Photoshop/Elements/Lightroom and refine

  • Watch for spots and dust
  • Ensure good contrast, exposure and colour
  • Size approximately if necessary (AsukaBook)
  • Sharpen for output

I like to view at 50% on screen

Step 6 – Think up a title

Something literal

  • My Trip to Antarctica

Something obscure

  • Rockhopper

Title with sub-title?

  • Rockhopper: The Falklands to Antarctica

Include author / photographer?

  • Photographs by Peter Eastway

Step 7 – Design your cover

Cover can set the tone of the book

Which photo?

What typeface?

Full bleed or on colour background

  • What colour background?

Hard cover, soft cover, dust jacket?

Cover design can change

Step 8 – Design your text elements


Page numbers

  • Include book title, web address, chapter names etc at bottom of page?

Body copy (article, story etc)?

Headings, sub-headings

Confirm design of text elements

  • Weight, size, colour, font, leading etc

Step 9 – Write your copy




  • These can be written as you design

Acknowledgements and Contacts

  • Sometimes up the front, sometimes up the back

Step 10 – Drop photos onto pages

Use software of choice

Do a quick design first

  • Some offer automated designs, but…

Get a feeling for the flow of photos and ideas

Adjust pages if required

Allow pages for copy, space for captions

Step 11 – Fine tune design

Is balance, space, importance right?

Have you allowed for bleed?

Are spaces between all photos and edges even?

Are all keylines and effects consistent?

Step 12 – Check and Double Check

Has all copy been proofread?

Are all photos of sufficient quality for size of reproduction?

Are all photos in correct colour space?

Put book away for a couple of days and look at again with fresh eyes…

Ready for production of files for printing.

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