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The original image as presented for feedback.


Our Anonymous Photographer will be very disappointed with this feedback. I wouldn't change anything. Okay, so I'd probably do a few things differently, but only because I could. How many photographers does it take to change an electric light bulb? Fifty, because they'd all do it differently. Don't understand this joke? Me neither!


Black and white would be interesting, but the colours in this photo of a tea factory in Sri Lanka work really well. Let's analyse what the photographer has done right, beginning with the colour. Note how the red crates on the ground and the red pipes and frames lead the eye around the photograph, with the oranges and greens acting as supporting colours. Yes, it is colourful, but the palette is quite restricted. Many colour photos work best when the number of different hues is limited.



Look at how the photographer has framed the image. It has been very carefully stage managed. Everything is vertical, there's similar spacing top and bottom and even just the right amount of space on the left hand side. It all sits together very well within the frame.



Next, look at the repetition of shapes. I can count over 50 square/rectangles in this frame, and that's in addition to the tiles on the ground. It is a delightful exercise in geometry. But would it be so successful without one more element?



The diagonal thingymagig or conveyor belt is what holds the composition together. It adds a sense of movement to an otherwise stilted and ordered environment. I think this is a great exercise in seeing.


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