Photo Feedback

The original image as presented for feedback.

Our Anonymous Photographer has presented us with near perfect rim lighting. By pointing our cameras directly into the light (being careful to have a lens hood on or positioning yourself in some shade so you don't get lens flare) and assuming the light is falling the same way on your subject, the result can be a beautiful highlight all around the subject.

But what does the Anonymous Photographer want me to look at? Is it the kangaroo on the far left in the shadows? I have assumed not. What about the tank and fences up the top? I don't think so. Perhaps the grass highlighted in the left foreground? Again, no.

Surely it is all about those three kangaroos and if so, my suggestion is to crop the image!

There's no single way to crop here, but I encourage everyone to crop when necessary. If you can simplify your photograph by cropping, do so. 

The suggestion I have made above is based on how I reacted to the subject, but there are several different ways we could do this. And I realise that we're losing pixels and resolution, but chances are we have more than enough left over to make a good image. Cropping is good!

The final suggestion is to explore the exposure. I like the light rendition supplied, but I also looked at darkening down the exposure so the rim lighting became more obvious. I don't think this is necessarily better, just a different interpretation.

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