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Before submitting your entries to a competition, try to look at them with fresh eyes. Sometimes an important or key subject is really small in the frame or hidden away. This is something that is easy to do because the human eye is very good at zooming in on what the brain is interested in. This is especially so when you look through the viewfinder of your camera and what appears to be quite large to you when taking the photograph, can end up being relatively insignificant in the final image. Get in close with your zoom or macro lens so it's really obvious what the judge is supposed to be looking at, or look at the images you have and crop them so the subject is more important.


Of course, making your subject obvious doesn't mean it has to be large in the frame. A car in the middle of a flat desert doesn't need to be large to be obvious. However, a car on a busy city street will be lost with all the other cars unless you move in a bit closer with your zoom, or you crop the image during post-production.


Having convinced you that your subject should be strong within the frame, this doesn't mean you automatically crop in tightly and exclude everything else. Space around a subject isn't a problem if the space is subservient to the subject. Essentially, generally we want your subject to be obvious.


The 2017 Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year Award is now on! Entries close on 15 August 2017 (late entries possible until 21 August) and first prize is a cool $5000 cash. Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will be handed out and every entry will receive a short comment or suggestion from the judging panel. For more information, visit

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