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The original image as presented for feedback.


Our Anonymous Photographer has introduced us to a bleak winter scene. The tree is well-positioned with the road creating a compositional line that leads the viewer into the photograph. It's a beautiful, classic design and the tonalities have been well controlled. However (there's always a 'however'), there are a few distractions around the edges of the frame that take away from the composition's simplicity.


Look what happens if we clean up the left edges (using the healing brush quickly and roughly in Photoshop):



To my eye, this is a lot simpler and cleaner. What about the grass on the right side - should this be removed as well?



Hmmm. Some viewers might think this is now a little too simple, a little too plain, but we can't really keep the grass where it is because it is so close to the edge of the frame. We could return to the scene and photograph it again with a bit more space to the right, or we could engage Mr Photoshop and move it a little to the left, just to see how it could work:



That's better! Our aim as photographers is to practice this type of 'seeing' in camera, or at least when shooting the photo, plan to simplify it during post-production. Retaining the grass but moving it to a position of balance keeps the photo's simplicity and now there is a reason for the eye to travel along the road, between the grass and the tree.


Request: I am interested in critiquing reader's photographs in this blog - and for a future eBook. The critique will be anonymous (unless you request me to credit you, of course) and will be written with the best of intentions for both the photographer and the wider audience. If you're thick skinned enough to take a little constructive criticism, and are agreeable to me using your photo in both the blog and the eBook, please shoot me through a JPEG, 2000 pixels on the longest edge, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will be selecting images which allow me to write something of interest, so if your photograph is really good, there's a good chance I won't use it for a critique because there's nothing more to say!


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