Photo Feedback

The original image as presented for feedback.


Our Anonymous Photographer has not been quite as successful as planned with this image. Exposure is dark and dull and the fence post on the right of the image is very distracting. It is neither wholly in the photo, or better still, wholly out! However, the subject matter is interesting and the grass field creates an interesting horizon line that cuts the building off part way up its facade.


So, what do we do? Let's look at the compositional elements within the frame first. If this is the desired angle and focal length, then we need to get rid of that fence post and the easiest way would have been to walk a step or two forwards. We'll use Photoshop to see how it might have looked...



This is much simpler, but we can also make a stronger composition just by cropping out the fence and slightly reposltioning the building within the frame.



Next, lighten up the foreground and darken down the sky and the photograph is starting to come together a little better.



There's lots more we could do to add interest to the foreground grass and get the building to stand out a little more strongly, but at least now there is a stronger composition to work with.


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