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Most people enter photography competitions ‘to see how they go’. By this, I believe they would like to see if their entry is worthy of a bronze, a silver or even a gold! That in itself is useful feedback, especially when you’re learning the ropes and looking to improve, but even better would be a comment about where you’re going wrong. How could you improve your entry?

One of the benefits I introduced to the Better Photography Photo of the Year (and which has been picked up by a number of other competitions) is feedback from a judge. It’s not possible to give every entry an in-depth analysis, but it is possible to make a single suggestion that could be very helpful.

Over the years, I realised that 90% of entries could be helped with the same 20 or 30 comments. Sure, every entry has its differences, but for example, there are a lot of entries that could be improved if the photographer had just changed his or her camera angle at the time of capture, or if they had lightened up an entry because it was too dark. These may seem like very simple observations, but they can be incredibly powerful because, as entrants, we don’t easily see what can be improved with our own work.

I now have around 60 comments that I use. I can also customise the comments, but generally they are specific enough to give most entrants some direction for improvement – if it is considered necessary. I rarely make suggestions for gold awards and many silver awards don’t need further help either. And I’m hopeful that my suggestions will be useful at least 90% of the time.

I realise there are some limitations in this system, but short of a personalised critique, it’s the best that’s available and, better still, it’s included as part of your entry fee.

Entries into the 2018 Better Photography Photo of the Year Awards close on 31 October 2018, so there's still time to enter - and who knows, you could be part of the $17,000 prize pool too! For more details, visit now!

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