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Gold Award by Graham Morgan in the nature category, 2016 Better Photography Photo of the Year Award

I have yet to get four gold awards at the Australian Professional Photography Awards. The best I have done is a gold with distinction, two golds and a silver with distinction, but every year, I pack away four gold prints and hope the judges agree with me.

They never have!

I realise I must sound as though I’m big noting myself here, and my apologies, but I wanted to show you that no matter how experienced you might appear, how many awards you’ve won in the past, entering photography competitions remains an important part of your development as a photographer.

My co-judges, David Oliver and Tony Hewitt, are also AIPP Grand Masters of Photography. They also enter APPA every year. And we have a little wager on the side with the lowest scoring photographer buying lunch for the other two.

As judges, we think it’s important to know what it feels like to win and to lose. We all know what it’s like to get an entry with no award. We also remember what it was like to get our first bronze and silver awards. And the excitement doesn’t change with experience.

We’re realistic that winning a category or the overall competition is a matter of luck because we have no control over how good other entries might be. However, we do judge our success by how many silver or gold awards we get. At our level, we expect to get silvers (unless we’re testing something different, which is shorthand for saying we didn’t even get a silver)!

But what about you? If you get bronze awards easily enough, then perhaps your challenge is to get four silvers? Getting lots of silvers? Then welcome to the club in trying to get lots of golds. And if you do find the secret, please remember to share it with me!

Entries into the 2018 Better Photography Photo of the Year Awards close on 31 October 2018, so there's still time to enter - and who knows, you could be part of the $17,000 prize pool too! For more details, visit now!

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