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With photographers pushing the limits of where they position their cameras, it's no surprise tripod manufacturers are seeing new market opportunities. A great example is Sirui's W-2204 Carbon Fibre Waterproof Tripod. In fact, it's a monopod and tripod in one!

The tripod is protected from water, dirt and dust. In addition, it has a newly designed locking mechanism for comfortable operation and a spirit level for accurate alignment - so you know your camera is level, even if your camera's built-in level is out of alignment!

The tripod tubes are manufactured from 10-layer carbon fibre (which means reduced weight, increased stability and vibration-free performance).

Another special feature of Sirui's W-2204 is that one leg can be removed and used as a monopod. The centre column is also made of two sections of different lengths. The short section can be used with the tripod for ground-level shots. The long section can be used to increase the height of the monopod to 177 cm.

The legs have three ratchet positions and can be folded up by 180° so that the tripod measures just 52 cm when collapsed – and great for attaching to a backpack-style camera bag.

Each leg is made of four sections with three sealed twist locks. Rubber feet and metal spikes ensure that the tripod is stable on any surface.

A stabilising hook on the centre column is a Sirui standard (you hang something heavy from it to give the tripod more stability in windy conditions, for example), as are cold weather grips and a transport bag. The bag strap can also be used as a tripod strap.

Other features include a reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw for heads/cameras, weight of 1.7 kg and a maximum carry load of 18 kg.

The tripod offers camera holding heights of 15.5 – 180 cm, while the monopod extends from 48 – 177 cm. RRP $549.

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