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LaCie is well known for producing portable hard drives. The highly visible orange casing for its Rugged drives can be seen on film and photography sets around the world and, most importantly, there is a high level of physical protection for the valuable data inside.

Nevertheless, once Seagate (who owns LaCie) purchased Toshiba (who makes small solid state storage devices), it seemed inevitable that LaCie would deploy smaller SSD storage devices as well. While the Rugged drives are not large and easily fit into a camera bag, the new LaCie SSD drives are one quarter the size and much lighter still. You'll hardly know you're carrying one!

LaCie's Portable SSDs are compact, external solid state drives which offer fast and reliable performance featuring USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gb/s) technology, with a USB-C connector for universal compatibility.

With maximum sequential read/write speeds of 540/500 MB/s, the LaCie Portable SSD is available in 2 TB, 1 TB or 500 GB capacities. As an example of its throughput, the light-weight solutions can transfer one hour of 4K 30 fps video footage in less than one minute and store up to 65 hours of 4K 30 fps video or up to 20,000 raw photos (depending on your raw file size, of course, and the capacity of your chosen LaCie Portable SSD - we're talking the largest 2 TB capacity here).

Given the units high speed, a LaCie Portable SSD is also a great alternative to serve as a scratch disk, especially if you're working on location with a laptop. This configuration allows users to edit content directly off the LaCie Portable SSD, freeing up valuable workstation resources or serving as the perfect shuttle drive to quickly transfer files from capture devices on-set back to the studio.

Other key features include:

• pre-formatted exFAT for Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows;

• LaCie Toolkit Software Suite;

• drop resistance of up to two metres;

• a three-year limited warranty;

• three-year Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Plan;

• one complimentary month of the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan; and

• USB-C and USB-C to USB 3.0 cables included.

The new LaCie Portable SSD will be available in 2TB ($539.99 USD), 1TB ($269.99 USD), and 500GB ($124.99 USD) capacities. Australian prices yet to be confirmed as we go to press.

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