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PHOTOS TELL YOU a lot more than words when it comes to a new meeting space in Arncliffe, Sydney, that features the photography of EIZO’s Australian photography ambassadors.

The Gallery is designed as a combination office space, demonstration area and meeting place. One of the best things EIZO can do to sell its monitors is to let photographers see them in action and while this is not the key function of the new Gallery, there is a selection of EIZO’s latest monitors scattered around the various meeting areas.

And already a number of photographers have given workshops and presentations in the EIZO Ambassadors Gallery.

So, why is it also a gallery? Around the walls you’ll find photography by Jackie Ranken, Rocco Ancora, Les Walkling, William Long, Lisa Saad, Karen Alsop, Tony Hewitt, Peter Eastway and Mike Langford.

Said EIZO’s Australian managing director, Matthew Bauer, “All the artwork has been beautifully printed, mounted and hung and I just can’t believe how magical it is. A very big thank you to Les Walkling for his assistance and incredible attention to detail, generosity, and speed!”

So, if you’re in Sydney, keep an eye out for events at EIZO’s new Ambassadors Gallery.

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