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We’ll post a more detailed review on the DJI Copilot in the next few weeks when the magazine comes out with a more comprehensive story, but I thought I’d like to mention LaCie’s latest on-location device – because it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Years ago, Epson used to make a great little device that was a combination viewer and hard drive. I think the one I still have in the bottom of a desk drawer stores 80 GB, the screen is pretty basic by today’s standards, and it isn’t particularly fast.

These days, when I travel I usually take a laptop, but there are times and occasions when it’s not practical. A recent 6 day walk in the Western Arthurs comes to mind, but just being able to back up your work on the go without using a laptop would be incredibly useful for wedding photographers, for instance.

The DJI Copilot is currently a 2TB hard drive, wrapped in a grey plastic survival suit (a bit like LaCie’s orange Rugged range) so it can take the bumps and knocks of life in a professional photographer’s camera bag. And although it doesn’t have an LCD screen like the Epson, it tethers to your smartphone – so you can see the file structure and the thumbnails on a screen! And that’s very useful.

The unit comes with three different connectors, depending on what type of phone or tablet you’re using, and your connector of choice can remain in position permanently – indeed, the tether cable wraps around the unit into a purpose-built slot. In terms of input and output, you have an SD card slot (and LaCie provides a MicroSD adaptor for drone and GoPro users), plus USB and TB connectors, so it’s really easy to get data into and out of the DJI Copilot.

And we’re giving away two of these drives in our Better Photography Photo of the Year competition which will be announced mid-September. Details to come!

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