Almost Weekly Photo

Ice & Melting Icebergs

Melting ice, Isispynten, SvalbardPhase One XF 100MP with 55mm Schneider…

Luck Plays No Part In Brilliant Photographs?

Nomadic horses, Assy Plateau, KazakhstanPhase One A-Series 100MP, 180mm Rodenstock,…

Shapes & Textures

Snow-covered foothills, Icefields Parkway, CanadaPhase One XF 100MP, Schneider 240mm…

Photographing People - Smile And Ask

Monk, Rangjung, BhutanPhase One XF 100MP, 35mm lens, 1/50 second…

May I plug two things that are closely related? Producing a photo book and our Middlehurst Art Photography workshop?

After each Middlehurst Art Photography Workshop we produce a book with the attendees, including images that Tony and I have taken. The little video above will show you the book we produced and talk about the importance of producing books.

It will also suggest you look into coming on a Middlehurst Art Photography workshop! This year, we were fully booked, but unfortunately a number of our guests have had to cancel. So we have three places at the moment and there's still time to book! Contact me, Tony or Kim (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

And to see some of my photos from Middlehurst, sign up to my Instagram feed:

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