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Polar Bears Up Close!

If you had to choose a position from which to…

Trying Something New?

Bhutan mountain landscape.Phase One XF, 100MP Trichromatic back, 240mm Schneider-Kreuznach…

The (Mini) Photo Essay

The Boss is getting cold.Phase One XF, 100MP Trichromatic back,…

Wide or Close?

Wangdue, BhutanPhase One XF, 100MP Trichromatic back, 35mm wide-angle lens…


at^el^ier [a studio especially for an artist, designer or photographer]


Date: Wednesday 28 March 2018

Time: 7 to 10pm

Venue: Dee Why RSL - Sydney

Clarence Avenue, Dee Why


Peter will be conducting 5 Evening Ateliers at Dee Why RSL, each will be completely different content.


The second evening is on 28 March and includes Travel Portfolio, Middlehurst NZ; Inspiration, Ansel Adams; Technique, Channel Masks; and Steve Gosling!


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See content of each Evening Atelier below:

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