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Starting today, people around the world can discover 60 images from 60 of Australia’s best photojournalists online on Google Arts & Culture, thanks to a new partnership between Google and Head On Foundation (

In just a few clicks, users can experience the iconic photographs from the Paper Tigers exhibition - an anthology of contemporary Australian photojournalism - representing Australian and international culture and events by some of the best Australian photojournalists.

Eight virtual exhibitions have been specially curated by experts at Head On Foundation and tell the stories behind some of the most memorable images and events of the past 40 years. They include heartbreaking images recording migrants and the refugee crisis, beautiful photographs capturing First Nations Australia, and eye-opening captures of the environment, and the fight to protect it.

Some of the most important items include:
● Mervyn Bishop's iconic 1975 image of then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam pouring soil into the hand of Gurindji elder and traditional landowner Vincent Lingiari
● Tim Page’s world-renowned photograph of the Vietnam War, defining him as the war photographer of a generation
● Louise Kennerley’s intimate portrait of a couple a few days before Parliament passed the same-sex marriage act, excited at the prospect of being married after 39 years together.

“The 60 images selected represent a small snippet of what Australia was like over the past four decades. Images that defined modern Australia, images that reflect the culture we live in, images that make political statements and images of diverse aspects of our world”, said Head On Foundation Director, Moshe Rosenzveig.

In the Head On Foundation collection, audiences can also explore 100 incredible images from the Head On Photo Award 2020 finalists (

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