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Les Walkling - The fragility of goodness, Pigment Inkjet Print, 2020

Readers will know Les Walkling and his son Andrey are good friends of the magazine and we love the workshops they offer. Following COVID, Les has set up his studio to be an amazing live, webcast studio, so it's just like being there. He has three remaining online workshops for this month and there is a place or two still available if you would like to attend any of them as follows:

The B&W Digital Image - Sunday 14th March 2021
This workshop is everything to do with the tradition, magic and poetics of digital B&W imaging. And as the ground swell in specialist B&W inkjet printing has grown in recent years so has advanced B&W inkjet printing become a major component of this workshop. The full syllabus and other details are available by clicking the above workshop URL. 

The Reproduction of Colour - Sunday 21st March 2021
A workshop for those who are seriously involved with colour and its digital reproduction; from matching screens to prints and other screens, to proofing and verification, and through real-world engagements with the psychology, poetics, physics and ontology of colour appearance, its applications, and aesthetic appreciation. The full syllabus and other details are available by clicking the above workshop URL.

Digital Printing - Sunday 28th March 2021
Our introductory digital printing workshop where we profile your own printer, favourite paper and printing workflow to immediately ensure the finest results, irrespective of whether you are making original works of art or proofing large format prints from a ProLab. We also have the new OBA free and utterly remarkable cold tone Arches papers from Canson Infinity, and so much more to share. The full syllabus and other details are available by clicking the above workshop URL.

If the links above don't work, visit for details.

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