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Tasmania continues to produce a proud tradition of landscape photography and I think Grant Dixon's recently published book, Winter Light, sits very comfortably with the best. And having spent many winter nights camping out in New South Wales' alpine areas myself, the cold snow seeping through my sleeping bag well before the dawn, I find myself doubly appreciating how much effort went into capturing Grant's beautifully composed photographs that feature lots of snow and ice.

Of course, it doesn't matter how much effort is made in capturing an image, it's the image itself that counts. You won't be disappointed. Grant's work presents an effortless landscape of tangential light, magnificent vistas and crispy details, yet as photographers, we can't but admire his tenacity and perseverance because images like his don't just 'happen', they are the result of much planning and a degree of luck. Especially in Tassie where the weather can be incredibly fickle!

Grant crowd funded his book last year and it was interesting to do the maths. According to the website, he raised nearly $30,000 from 255 supporters, offering a combination of single books and book/print packages. I'm going to guess he's covered most of his costs and still has a few books to sell, so please support a fellow photographer and buy a book! It will cost you $105 and that includes postage within Australia.

What's in it for you? While many Tasmanian wilderness photographers have used large format cameras, Grant shows what's possible with a standard Nikon DSLR or Sony mirrorless. Even so, his framing has a clean formality that looks like it could have been taken with a large format camera. And his post-production is both minimal and adequate, a conscious choice he has made and exercises deftly. However, most importantly, I think this book is inspirational and as photographers, that's what make us better.

You can purchase Grant's book from his website: And you'll also find a selection of his work for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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