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This year, Kayell Australia celebrates a momentous 50 years in business providing a one-stop-shop for the digital imaging, video & audio, fine art inkjet printing and graphic art industries. If you’re a keen photographer, then chances are you already know Rob Gatto, Andreas Johansson or some of the Kayell team – so we’d like to say congratulations on your behalf!

Co-founders, John Koens and Hans Leijer, created the name “Kayell” back in 1970 using the first letter of their surnames. They began trading from small premises in Druitt Street, Sydney and within a few years managed to acquire a number of important agencies for the photography, darkroom and laboratory divisions.

Today with online shopping the go, Kayell hasn’t been left behind with a really extensive online shop, but what we like is you can still drop down to the Sydney or Melbourne showroom and talk to a real person and get personalised advice. I’m sure some of the products might be a little more expensive, but if Kayell’s advice saves you from buying the wrong product or directs you to something better, we consider that invaluable!

Where would we be without shops like Kayell? Ironically, you’ll find all the details online at!

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