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The Complete Photo Business Package


There are a lot of people offering great advice on how to run a professional photography business, so what makes this package different? Perhaps the main difference is it's written from a background of extensive practical experience.

In addition to my photography, I have a background in business and accountancy. I know how to earn a living from photography, many of my accounting clients are successful professional photographers, and I believe I can write and communicate business issues in an easy to understand style. So when you read the Photo Business handbook, you can feel assured the advice is real, qualified and practical.

And it comes with a money-back guarantee, so there is no risk. The Photo Business Handbook Package comprises six publications. Have a read of the contents to learn why this is the information you need to break into professional photography.

There are two photo business products - a series of eBooks for setting up your business, and a business planning workbook for photographers at all stages of their business. Each part costs $99.95 or you can buy them both for $149.95, a saving of $50. For details, click here.

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