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Miggo's Agua Weatherproof Protection

Miggo's Agua is a combination camera strap and weather-protected camera case.

Quite a few readers are keen seaside photographers, while others are not afraid to venture into the great outdoors. But what happens to your camera gear if it rains or there’s lots of sea spray?

Miggo has introduced a range of Agua camera bags that is designed to keep your camera gear safe. The Agua series is not waterproof, meaning you can’t put them under water. However, they will happily sit out in the rain for hours on end, keeping your camera dry inside.

The Agua is designed to hold a single camera and comes in three sizes. The sample we saw is sturdily built and well manufactured, although it won’t take a large lens on the front of your camera.

In essence it’s a camera strap which can hold your camera, or the strap can hold the Agua bag and you place your camera into the bag for protection. The straps have quick release buckles, so changing from one mode to the next is quick and easy. And, of course, you can still have your camera bag with you if needed for extra gear.

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