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Silver Halide Photographic Paper: Why It Makes Sense!

Is silver halide printing about to make a return?

According to Kodak, rapid advances in digital capture technology make it important to understand the continued relevance of silver halide paper in digital photographic workflows. Kodak explains that silver halide is a 100 year-old technology that keeps on getting better.

One if its key features, which sets the standard against which all other imaging technologies are measured, is its "smooth continuous tone". This makes silver halide technology the gold standard for professional portraiture and for the commercial print market.

According to a Kodak Alaris spokesperson, "Productivity in the printing, processing and finishing of colour negative images make it one of the most economical ways to create imaging output. The proven performance in print life, image quality and protection from obsolescence allows CNP to remain the image printing technology of choice of professional photographers and central labs around the world.

"Kodak Alaris is continuing to take a leadership role in the research and technology innovations that keep silver halide at the forefront of photographic printing. In just the last 12 months we have launched and upgraded five silver halide products in our portfolio and we are continuing to innovate products on an ongoing basis."

So, why print at all? Why make prints when we have computers, tablets and smartphones?

"There are two compelling reasons we make prints for the best images in our digital collections. First, because sharing a tangible print with friends and family creates a durable bond through instant and shared communication.

"Second, a hard copy print is the best way to ensure that important images and prints are accessible well into the future. Digital files can be shared and copied easily, but if a flaw develops in the file, or to the drive on which it is stored, the image is gone forever. Heartbreaking.

"Kodak Professional Endura Papers provide the best imaging media for digital prints available to photographers today and will draw all eyes to your work."

For more information, visit to find your nearest Kodak Professional Lab..

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