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Datacolor Spyder5Pro

Datacolor's new Spyder5

Does your colour monitor (desktop or laptop) really look its best? The only way we can be sure is to use a colorimeter to measure it and then use a profile to adjust it so what we see is accurate. If you don't have a Datacolor Spyder yet, now might be a good time to grab one. Or if you do, then you may be interested to know there's a new model 5!

There are three versions - Express, Pro and Elite. Most readers will probably find the Pro version most appropriate for their purposes. Features on the new Spyder5Pro include:
* Designed for all of your laptop and desktop monitors.
* Fast and easy, full calibration takes only about five minutes to ensure colour accuracy and less than half the time for monthly re-calibrations.
* Room light monitoring determines optimal monitor brightness so you see fine shadow detail and highlights in your photos, ensuring your edited images match your prints.
* "Before and After" evaluation of your calibration results using your own photographs, to focus on details that are important to you.
* Display Analysis feature lets you evaluate and compare the performance of all of your laptop and desktop monitors.
* The Spyder5 is compact and portable with a built-in lens cap.
* Guaranteed colour accuracy with the industry's only patented 7-detector optical engine resulting in more accurate shadow detail and smoother gradients.

The cost of the Datacolor5Pro from Kayell Australia's website is $345. For more information, you can visit or to purchase in store or online.

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