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Prints On Glass

There are lots of ways you can have your photographs printed and framed, from traditional photographic paper in a matte and frame, to forgiving canvas prints and art papers mounted on frameless aluminium.

There are also a number of processes that mount the photographs directly onto acrylic and now you can also have your images mounted onto glass.

Appropriately named, Prints On Glass does exactly that. Its processes are claimed to produce durable, easy to clean glass artworks that do not fade over time (Prints On Glass provides a guarantee its images will not fade for 10 years if installed indoors and, we expect, out of direct sunlight).

There are a number of process that Prints On Glass uses, depending on the purpose and effect you're after. Face mounting on glass is well suited to photography and involves a permanently smooth fusion of the print and the glass. An air tight bond is created using a special adhesive by which the print is fixed to the glass. Any light reflections between the photograph and the glass in a normal photo frame are eliminated (but being glass, there will still be reflections of its surface) and Prints On Glass says the sharpness, contrast and colours of the image are enhanced.

Two methods are suggested for hanging the face mount prints – pins or concealed. Pin fixed mounting means the mounted print is supplied with four holes and four 19 mm diameter fixings and mountings, along with a mounting template to assist in installation.

For concealed fixing, Prints On Glass supplies the print with two aluminium plates. One plate is adhered to the rear of the print using a high strength, pH neutral adhesive. The second plate is provided loosely in the pack and should be fixed to the wall. The mounted print will then simply slip into position.

Prints on Glass also prints directly onto glass and this process is suited to outdoor applications (pool fencing, outdoor wall art, balustrading) and interior applications that require waterproofing (splashbacks, shower screens). The image is printed directly onto the glass and then heated, embedding it into the glass, making it scratch and fade proof.

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