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Wacom's New Companion 2 Range!

When travelling these days, I take a Wacom Companion. It's a combination laptop computer, screen, tablet and stylus and it runs everything I need on the road, from internet and emails to Capture One raw processing and Photoshop. It is blindingly quick for my Canon, Nikon and Fujifilm files, and acceptable for my 80-megapixel Phase One files (it does slow down a tad when I am stitching or focus stacking at full resolution).

So I am very interested to hear Wacom has announced an upgraded Cintiq Companion 2 - the extra RAM is likely to solve all my problems!

The most sensible design change from Wacom's point of view is that instead of two types or models of Companion (the one I use is a stand alone computer, but the other model works as a hybrid pointing device for another computer with some limited software of its own), now the one unit serves both purposes. So, Apple users can attach the Companion 2 as a pen and screen pointing system, or turn off their Mac and use the Companion 2 as a Windows computer if they want to.

Of course, unless you're wedded to Apple-only software, there's really no reason to have a separate computer. The Companion 2 does it all as long as you can handle the Windows 8 interface.

The new unit is thinner and more powerful and is expected to be available in five different configurations. Good news for power users is that one of the configurations includes 16 GB DDR memory and the 512 GB solid state drive will keep most mobile workers more than happy. The unit measures 374x248x15 mm, weighs 1.7 kg and is expected to be available in March or April. For more information, visit

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