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High Res Digital's New Website - Lots of Info on Printing!

Warren Macris at High Res Digital is producing a print of mine for a mutual client. I've known Warren for many years, as have many of Australia's leading photographers and artists who use Warren's services and expertise to create their exhibition prints. So when Warren mentioned he'd just updated his website and that there was a ton of useful information on there, I thought I'd take a look!

Visit the printing section of the website ( and you'll find a series of FAQ covering everything you've ever wanted to know - well almost! What is a pigment print or a C-type print? What does archival mean and what is acceptable fading? What is a good print and how big can you print an image? There's a whole bunch of interesting and useful stuff, it's well written and I can vouch for Warren as an expert!

Check out his new website here:

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