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Fujfilm X100T

The camera that began the Fujifilm X-series retro approach to design has been given a new lease of life with nearly three dozen major and minor changes. Up the top of the list is a really cool hybrid optical viewfinder with an electronic rangefinder. It means you can accurately focus the lens using a digital display which sits in your field of vision when looking through the optical viewfinder.

Of course, the camera has a fast and accurate autofocus system, but if you want the rangefinder experience, this provides a very similar hand action with much more precise results. If you've used a rangefinder system before, you'll know that as you focus more closely, the area that is being captured changes. Rangefinder cameras offered markings in the viewfinder to indicate that change, but the X100T goes a step further, moving the framing rectangle as you focus. No need to re-compose your image as what's inside the frame is what you'll capture.

And if you would like an electronic viewfinder, that's just a switch away, so the choice is yours.

Operational improvements include a one-third stop (EV) exposure compensation dial with an extended +-3 EV range, while a four-way controller on the back makes it quicker and easier to navigate the LCD menu. Each of the seven Fn buttons can be customised to do what you want them to do, and the LCD screen is now brighter and sharper.

Being a film manufacturer, Fujifilm continues to offer film simulations as image processing recipes and the new Classic Chrome has lots of photographers who remember the older trannie films in raptures!

The top shutter speed is a cracking 1/32,000 second and you can shoot in Full HD movie mode as well. All of these new features sit on top of a very competent compact camera.

Small and lightweight with a fixed 35mm (equivalent) lens, the shutter lag is just 0.01 seconds, start up time 0.5 seconds and the ISO ranges from 100 to 51,200. The X-Trans CMOS II sensor continues to offer very sharp images since no low-pass filter is required with the 'randomly' arranged colour filters (which of course aren't random, but have a less regular pattern than the standard Bayer filters).

Price? Don't know just yet, but the new Fujifilm X100T is expected to be available well in time for Christmas!

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