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Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite Silver Edition

I'm not unhappy that Fujifilm has released a new X-T1 so shortly after I have taken delivery of my own, but I am a little envious!

The new Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite Silver is all about looks and feel. The new model uses a three-layer coating on top of an antioxidant treatment on the magnesium body. This is followed by a matte black undercoat (primer) which deepens the tones, and then thin coats of ultra-fine paint particles are layered using computer-controlled Thin Film Multilayer Coating Technology to create a graphite silver veneer. Finally, a clear coat is added for a deep gloss finish and by adding a small amount of black, the colour tint alters subtly with different light to emphasise the camera's shape and form. Sounds like a fashion statement!

Okay, so it would be nice, but perhaps I can do without it? Is there anything else? The new model also features a high speed 1/32,000 second electronic shutter, which can be set in 1/3 steps from one full second to 1/32000 seconds. This means the mechanical shutter is not required at all for these speeds and that exposures are completely vibration free, even though there's not a lot of vibration in the first place. Of course, the camera is also completely silent, perfect for the photojournalist in us all.

Other features include a new Classic Chrome Film Simulation mode which delivers subtle colours and beautifully muted tones, reminiscent of vintage reversal (slide) film, plus a Natural Live View function removes the image quality settings from the viewfinder image while shooting to display natural, real-world images, close to what the naked eye would see through an optical viewfinder.

Plus there's a bunch of new firmware upgrades and most of these will be available for the black X-T1 as well.

The photograph below was taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 Black in Patagonia at around 3.00 a.m. There was a full moon and I was about to walk for four hours up to Las Torres, so I delayed the inevitable and took a quick photograph of the hotel at the base of the climb. I'm sure the new camera won't do it any better, will it???

But at least I wouldn't wake up anyone with my shutter click!

To read more about the new Fufifilm X-T1, visit

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