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Organising Your Photos With Lightroom 5

Peter Krogh is at it again with another great book on keeping your digital files safe, secure and organised! Explained Peter, since The DAM Book was first published in 2005, photographers from around the world have had a simple request for him: "Please just tell me what to do". They have asked for a straightforward guide to organizing a photo library that takes the principles outlined in his books and presents them as a step-by-step method.

Well, the wait is over. "I've finally written that book. The DAM Book Guide to Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5 breaks the process of organisation down into to three simple parts: storing the photos, tagging the photos and creating projects. Using this simple structure, you can understand how to use Lightroom's tools in ways that are both simple and powerful.

"With this multimedia ebook, I can combine the best of books and video instruction in one resource. Each idea or set of steps is immediately illustrated with a short video that shows the idea in action. The video makes it easy to understand how a process works. And the text allows you to quickly reference the steps as you put them into practice yourself.

"Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5 cuts away the technical jargon, and explains storing photos, tagging photos and creating projects in a way that any Lightroom user can understand. But the book is not only for beginners or those who have small photo libraries. The techniques illustrated here work for the family photographer and the busy commercial studio alike."

The eBook comes in at 208 pages and more than 7 hours of video instruction. It is delivered in a single downloadable Zip file. The file size (3.6 GB uncompressed) is large, so be sure it is fully downloaded before opening. Cost is US $34.95, or $39.95 to purchase on DVD.

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