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Sun Studios Wedding Rentals

Owning the best equipment for the job isn't always possible or necessary. In fact, overseas professional photographers have been renting their equipment for years, considering the rental a cost of the job, not an overhead for their business.

More and more Australian professionals are working the same way, renting not only the studio space, but the camera, lenses and lighting equipment.

Sun Studios has been working with 2012 AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year, Ryan Schembri, to develop a range of great rental packages focused on photographers equipment needs when shooting a wedding.

Sun Studios has had much feedback indicating that one of the most important aspects of shooting a wedding successfully is the photographer’s ability to stay mobile. For this reason, it has put together a series of packages that enable each photographer to do just that, whilst using the best photographic gear to ensure they capture the most beautiful images of the day.

The Sun Studios rental packages enable photographers to choose the package or even just one piece of gear from within the package – everything is flexible for the photographer and ready to rent.

The packages include:

  • Individual wedding lenses
  • Three lens kit
  • Broncolor Move kit
  • Stabilisation options
  • Lightweight portrait kit
  • Location portrait kit
  • Carl Zeiss lens kit
  • Canon CN-E Prime L F cine lens kit

The lens kits assume you own your own camera body which many photographers choose to do. Sun Studios is located in both Sydney and Melbourne. For more information, visit

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