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Fujifilm X-E2 And The Speeding Box Tortoise

How fast do you reckon you have to be to photograph a Box Tortoise? It seems that tortoises sit still except when you have a camera in your hand, but fortunately the new Fujifilm X-E2 has a pretty swift and accurate autofocus system.

I was at Taronga Zoo in Sydney on Monday viewing the latest X-series camera from Fujifilm. I think this is going to be the model for me, upgrading from my X-Pro1. In my case, the main reason is the camera is smaller so it will fit in my camera bag along with my other gear. It also has improved video (which I am needing to do more of) and you can attach an external microphone (like the Rode models we've discussed in Better Photography before).

However, other photographers will just fall in love with the shape and feel of the X-E2, and its range of interchangeable lenses. With a 16-megapixel sensor, it has sufficient pixels for most photographer's needs, certainly enough for professionals shooting weddings or photojournalism. And with the X-Trans CMOS II sensor and its innovative filter array, images are sharp and clear beacuse there is no anti-aliasing filter and Fujifilm makes some amazingly good lenses!

Start up time is half a second and there is virtually no shutter lag (0.05 seconds), so it operates like a DSLR without the extra weight, And you can shoot at 7 frames per second (up to 28 frames).

Importantly for me, it has a viewfinder and I'm quite comfortable with the electronic version (the X-Pro1 has a hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder). It just makes shooting outdoors in bright light that much easier,even though the Fujifilm has a special sunlight mode for its LCD. Call me old fashioned. I was tossing up between the X-M1 and this model, but I think the EVF (electronic viewfinder) on the X-E2 makes the difference.

Other useful features include several ways to manually focus the lens with immediate feedback n the viewfinder and on the rear LCD screen (but that's not much help when the tortoise moves its head), plus you can wirelessly transmit your photos to a smartphone or tablet - I have yet to test all this out, but that's sounding pretty useful as it's then a quick flick up to Facebook or Flickr etc. Of course, a direct link to Facebook or Google+ would be even better!

The camera has a built-in raw converter, so that's something else to play with. The camera with an XF18-55mm zoom has a RRP of $1899 (for Australian readers) and should be available more or less now!

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