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G-Dock Pro

I have a Drobo unit on my desk, humming away, storing my files, but I'm a bit paranoid. I'd like to have something more, perhaps a second Drobo unit - and that's an option. My thoughts are since storage space these days is so cheap (relatively speaking - it can still set you back $700-800 for a unit as you will soon see), it's good to have extra storage and something you can take off-site.

Recently sent to us for review is G-Technology's G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt. I am always a bit sceptical about new companies when it comes to storage solutions - I prefer the manufacturers to have a history behind them, so it was comforting to read that G-Technology comes from Hitachi GST and Western Digital. G-Technology, I surmise, is designed to appeal to the photography and video markets, people who require lots of storage.And the design is smart and business like, so they have made a good start.

The G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt is a compact, desktop external hard drive that delivers hard drive capacity with SSD-like performance. The drive is claimed to provide a sustained data transfer rate of up to 480MB/s, which is up to three times faster than standard 3.5-inch desktop external hard drives.

The main limitation for photographers is that is has only two bays, and while 4TB is a lot of storage, if you're like me you will run out eventually. On the plus side, you can swap in fresh disk drives, extending your storage. So, my take is that it is probably a great device for backing up current work, but may not be the solution for a full archive (assuming you want all your archive available at the one time).

The G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt is available Adimex and Avnet Technology Solutions and there are two versions. The 4TB G-Dock is priced at $849.95, the 2TB G-Dock at $699.95.


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