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The LED Light Cube

A friend of Better Photography, Nathan Oxley, has just launched a new photography light. Nathan is the webmaster behind the Better Photography photo competition, as well as the International Loupe Awards and the Pano Awards, and he's a keen photographer himself. But it's his electronics background that has seen him develop the LED Light Cube.

According to Nathan, using super-bright LED technologies, his LED Light Cube not only emits a high quality light, but there is no recycle time between flashes. This means it will out-perform any camera or radio trigger in the market.

"No matter how high you may make your power settings, the Cube can fire remorselessly, holding up alongside state-of-the-art cameras shooting at high-speed bursts of 15 frames per second. For wedding and sports photographers, this means never missing an 'I do' or winning moment. Despite its small size, the LED Light Cube offers the photographer incomparable control over the output of light, something only previously possible with high-end studio lights.

"The Cube can 'freeze time' at speeds of up to one eight-thousandths (1/8000) of a second, which means capturing the action of an athlete, the wing flap of a bird or the rippling of water. At the other end of the scale, the LED Light Cube can slow light speeds down to 30 seconds so you can 'paint' and saturate with light, and enjoy far greater control over an environment for elegant product shots."

If you're interested, take a look at the dedicated website at You also have a chance to become a cubist and trial a unit - full details on the website.

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