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Buy An Eizo, Get A GoPro

Eizo's introductory CS230 is a 23-inch monitor and if you buy soon, comes with a GoPro camera!.

Eizo has a promotion that might just interest you! Buy a new Eizo ColorEdge monitor before the end of July and receive a GoPro Hero3 White Edition HD camera for free!

There are several ColorEdge models, beginning with the entry-level CS230, which has a 23-inch high definition screen with a built-in correction sensor. With a full sRGB gamut, this monitor is particularly well-suited to those who publish to the web and edit video.

The CG223W has been available for more than two years and remains a popular and affordable favourite worldwide. With a 22-inch screen and wide colour gamut, the CG223W is ideal for pre-press and photography. It comes with an Ambient Light Hood and the ColorNavigator calibration system for hardware calibration.

The CX range is available in 24-inch and 27-inch screen sizes as the CX240 and CX270, respectively. Both will suit professional photographers and designers who require a wide colour gamut and uniform brightness from corner to corner.

Eizo's flagship CG246 and CG276 monitors feature 24-inch and 27-inch screen sizes, respectively. Designed for discerning imaging and graphics professionals, these screens can reproduce 97% of the Adobe RGB colour space, enabling images captured as raw files to be displayed with their full colour and tonal gamuts. Both models include built-in SelfCalibration sensors that eliminate the need for a third-party calibration device.

Prices for the monitors listed above range from AU $1,650 to AU $3,500. The GoPro Hero3 White Edition HD Camera is valued at AU$269.For more information, visit

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