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Wacom Cintiq 24HD Touch


Feel like an artist when you use Wacom's Cintiq. It's a big unit, very robust and a lot of fun to use.

Do you spend a lot of time carefully finessing your photographs on screen? Have you discovered the ultimate technique for hands-on immersion?

If you work on your images in Photoshop or Elements, this is nearly the ultimate. Opening up your images and working directly on them, using the touch rings and express keys to navigate around Photoshop or your image editing program, becomes fast, efficient and lots of fun.

The Cintiq is not a small device, featuring a 24-inch touch screen with a sturdy base that holds the screen securely in a range of different positions, from almost flat to almost vertical. This allows a number of different working positions and I find I change the screen position from time to time, depending on what I am doing. The large paddles on the side of the screen make this very easy to do.

The software accompanying the Cintiq is very similar to Wacom’s Intuos tablets, allowing you to customise what the speed rings and express keys (on the sides of the Cintiq) do. For instance, in Photoshop I have set up a number of actions (such as add a curves adjustment layer) and set them to a function key. Then, in the Wacom software, I assign that function key to one of the express keys on the Cintiq, so whenever I am in Photoshop and using the Cintiq, a touch of that button brings up my curves adjustment layer.

The entire Cintiq package has been brilliantly thought out, including the touch screen which means I can work without a stylus if I want to. However, I prefer the stylus and it works on both the Cintiq and my Intuos tablet which remains connected to my system. My work bench currently has an Eizo CG275W with a keyboard and Intuos tablet in front of it, and the Cintiq immediately to the right. I simply roll my chair from one to the other, depending on what software I am using (the Cintiq isn’t much use for writing articles in Word, for instance).

I love working on the images directly using the Cintiq. However, the Cintiq screen is not as sharp as my Eizo monitors and so I find myself using the Cintiq as a mirror display, giving me what I think is the best of both worlds!

If you get a chance to play with this device, take it! For more information, visit The 24HD Touch is around AUS $4235, the non-touch version around $2895.


Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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