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Cinestar8 - Would You Risk It?


After visiting Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken in Queenstown last December, I organised to receive a little remote control helicopter from Santa Claus. Mike and Jackie had a couple each, but I'm not quite sure what they do with them in the evenings...

My experience to date is more crashes than landings. Outside, my airborne unit is frail and subject to the elements - I don't seem to have much conrtrol when a zephyr passes through the backyard!

However, if you've been watching the cricket on tele lately, you'll have noticed they have an octocopter or some such device capturing some really engaging footage of the players. I also know a number of photographers and operators have been putting cameras like the Canon EOS 5D Mark III into these units and capturing some great footage.

Which lead me to thinking, maybe my Phase One IQ180 could take a spin in one? And that lead to another thought: what happens if I crash land it? One minute, the proud owner of a camera, the next minute an insurance statistic!! Better hope my broker doesn't read this...

This photo of the Cinestar8 was taken from the website which sets you up with something more substantial than my Christmas present. The cost of a unit like this is around $10,000, but that includes some training and, interestingly, you are also required to obtain a Controller Certficate with CASA.

However, in terms of new angles for both stills and video, it beats an extension ladder or a cherry picker!

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