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New Leica Store For Sydney


Leica's new store in the QVB Building, Sydney.

Leica Camera has opened its first Australian store in Sydney’s CBD. Located on the second floor of the historic Queen Victoria Building (QVB), the Leica Store will showcase premium photography and nature observation products, host a resell program for Leica products, and offer expert advice from seasoned staff members for image makers of every skill level.



The 80sqm Leica Store houses a sales and product hands-on area, in addition to a gallery wall that will house the works of Leica photographers. The first work to be showcased is New Zealand-born photographic artist, Stuart Robertson’s ‘Peace in 10,000 Hands’ global art project. The stunning work challenges and reinvigorates the conversation for peace.


“We are excited to open a dedicated store that embodies Leica Camera in Australia so that avid photographers, locals and tourists alike have an opportunity to touch, feel, play and learn more about the Leica Camera brand. This space will offer an opportunity for full immersion into our brand, inspiring through showcasing all that can be achieved with our world-class Leica optics,” said Ryan Williams, Managing Director of Leica Camera Australia Pty Ltd.


A complete suite of Leica products such as the iconic Leica M, Leica Q, and Leica S ranges will be on display for customers, as will the newly-launched instant camera the Leica SOFORT. The Leica Store will be open between 10am-6pm Monday-Wednesday, Friday-Saturday, 10am-9pm on Thursdays, and 11am-5pm on Sundays.




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