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Hi There! And thanks for purchasing your Big Deal!

Using your coupon code, you will be able to redeem three products from this website, but to do so, there are a couple of things we need you to do in order for the coupon code to work.

First, you will need to register on the site. Click the JOIN logo at the top of the page and then follow the directions. Once you are registered on the site, we can then add you to our subscription list and give you access to the products from the online shop.

By registering, our system automatically adds you to our newsletter list - we have a couple of weekly newsletters that you can unsubscribe from at any time, or you can do so immediately by logging into your account on the website. We do not give our newsletter list out to anyone.

Better Photography Magazine Online Subscription

For the Better Photography Online Magazine Subscription, you need to be logged in to sign up. We have two 'shops' on the website, one for subscriptions, the other for downloadable products, so you might need to click a button a couple of extra times. Don't worry, it's easy, but we're just suggesting that you keep following the prompts.

Our subscriptions are in the form of PDF documents, so you can download them and save them to your device. You don't need to remain online to read them.

To go directly to the Better Photography online subscription page, click here.

You will need to select the Better Photography Membership (380 days) then enter the discount coupon and press the PayPal logo to activate (you will not be directed to PayPal, the subscription is just activated for you).

To view your membership, you need to be logged on and select the Members tab across the top menu bar, then from the drop down menu, BP Member and Member Reading Files.

Photoshop Layers eBooks

For the two Photoshop Layers programs, they are in the online shop's eBook section and should be straightforward to purchase. Find the two products you are entitled to and add them to the shopping cart. Then during check out, use the coupon code and you will pay nothing more. 

You are entitled to:

Book 1: Photoshop Layers - Layer Essentials, and

Book 2: Photoshop Layers - Adjustment Layers & Masks

Please note, for the Photoshop Layers programs to work, you need to open them in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. The embedded movies will not work with other viewer programs. Adobe Reader is a free download from Adobe.

To go directly to the page where these products are found, click here.

You will need to select each ebook separately and enter the discount code  - just books 1 and 2, as the code will not work on the other books or if you select all 4 and you will receive an error code....!

Login here! You will need to join (Create an account) to get access to some sections of this website. If you do join, we'll send you our newsletters (you can unsubscribe at any time), but other than that, we won't bother you!