Interviews With Pro Photographers

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Interviews With Pro Photographers

Christian Fletcher: Inspiration and Advice

“I’m looking at artists as much as photographers for inspiration, but in terms of photographers, I love the work of Edward Burtynsky and Andreas Gursky. I look at those guys because they are creating the sort of images I am into at the moment, plus they are making big bucks and are hugely successful. They are putting their images out there and their messages are quite clear. I love the way these guys have made an empire out of their careers.

“I also get a lot of inspiration looking at the work of amateur and enthusiast photographers on websites like 500px, and also some of the professionals like Sue Bryce. Even though she isn’t shooting landscapes, her stuff is very inspiring. So is Dan O’Day’s work – it’s cool and edgy. So I’m always looking at photographs that take my eye and thinking how I can incorporate some of those ideas into my own stuff.

“In terms of business, look no further than Apple computers! I love their business model. They produce something that is almost too good to resist. I know I am hooked.

If I could photograph things that have the same effect on people, that would be the ultimate. I admire Apple for that. It’s cool, not daggy or cheap or nasty, and that’s important – to give people something they can’t resist or an experience that is a bit more interesting.

“When we set up our gallery in Dunsborough, we made it big and bad enough so that no other photographers would have the guts to set up next to us. Of course some did, but they didn’t last long. If you’re going to do something, make sure it is the best.

“Similarly, if you can’t afford it, then extend yourself. Like the Phase One camera. I didn’t think I could afford it, but it has changed my business and my photography. It also helps my branding, being an ambassador for the best camera system in the world has got to be good for you.

“I love putting my photos up on 500px where everyone can see the metadata. If you use that camera, you’re regarded as a player, not a chump.

“It’s all about perception. If you can make the public believe your photos are worth buying over something else, you’re on the way.”

CHRISTIAN FLETCHER is one of the few photographers in Australia who earns the majority of his income from landscape photography. With the help of his family, he runs a number of galleries in South West Australia, with the main gallery in Dunsborough.

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