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The New Tradition

Roussanou Monastery

Meteora, Greece, 1997

When I first saw these monasteries. perched atop these amazing rounded mountains, I wondered how far I would have to walk to photograph them.
I researched the guide books and purchased maps, but I couldn't find any with a useful scale. Were they one kilometre away from the nearest town or fifty? Were there paths or roads? Would I have to camp out to get the early morning light?

I needn't have worried. There was a 21 kilometre paved road from Kalambaka, the nearby town, that took the tourist buses on a circuit of half a dozen monasteries!

I drove that road many times in the three days we stayed in Kalambaka, trying hard to capture the mood and atmosphere. It really was a special place, sitting atop one domed monolith, looking across to another.

I printed the image originally in the darkroom, then repeated the exercise digitally from a scan, adding in a little colour to the sky. In both images, Roussanou Monastery was highlighted by bleaching or lightening it.

It is easily seen, but look more closely and you'll find three more monasteries tucked away.

Another view of the monastery from below.

The dome shaped rocks of Meteora


Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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