Svalbard Expedition with Kevin Raber & Peter Eastway 22 June to 2 July 2018 From US $7490

Join the Luminous-Landscape Svalbard Expedition and search for Polar Bears with Kevin Raber & Peter Eastway on board the Sea Endurance.

For full details and bookings, visit The Luminous Landscape Website click here.

Join Peter and Kevin Raber for a very special Svalbard Workshop with the Luminous Landscape.

The accommodations will be onboard the Sea Endurance. This is an eleven-day trip which will allow ample time to explore this fascinating region.



An amazing adventure exploring one of the most regions of the world.  You’ll see spectacular wildlife, Polar Bears, and so much more.



The Arctic summer has arrived, the midnight sun reigns supreme and the purple saxifrage decorates the slopes. The ice is slowly starting to loosen its grip, which offers good opportunities to explore the seldom-visited eastern parts of the archipelago. With ten nights on board, we have plenty of time for grand nature experiences and wildlife encounters.



Eastern Svalbard
The island of Nordaustlandet is covered by an enormous ice cap and fascinates naturalists as well as historians. There are huge glacier fronts here, intersected by hundreds of waterfalls. Barentsøya and Edgeøya offer magnificent landscapes and vast tundra. Chances to encounter walruses, Arctic fox, and Svalbard reindeer are good here.



Southwest Spitsbergen
The grand fjords of Hornsund offer spectacular glaciers and a breathtaking landscape of towering mountain peaks, often reaching above the clouds. On a clear day, we can see the summit of the highest mountain Hornsundtind, measuring 1431 meters. Hornsund is a favorite haunt for some of Svalbard’s polar bears and bearded seals are often seen resting on the fjord ice.



For full details and bookings, visit The Luminous Landscape Website click here.

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